The National Chocolate Frog Conversation – #Dad6and11 Ep 3

11yo: Dad

6yo: Dad!

Dad: Huh? What?

11: Get off your phone. I want to ask you something.

6: Me too

Dad: Hang on a sec

6: Did lots of your friends like you today?

Dad: Hmmm, nearly done

6: He’s got hundreds of friends

11: They’re not all real friends

Dad: Ok, done. What was the question?

11: How does parliament actually work?

6: And can I have a chocolate frog


6: Please

Dad: Um

11: I made you a coffee

Dad: Ah. Thanks. That’s good. You’re good.

6: I’m good too

Dad: You are great

6: So can I have a chocolate frog

11: And how does parliament-

Dad: Yeah, ok, ok, let me think



Dad: So…



Dad: Imagine you’re debating chocolate frogs

6: Is that like eating chocolate frogs

11: No it means arguing nicely

6: I want to eat one

Dad: One side wants more chocolate frogs. More Chocolate Frogs For All! And the other side says-

11: That’s rubbish, you’re an idiot

6: Haha, that’s funny, you called Dad an idiot

11: No, that’s what the other side says

Dad: Well-

6: Say it again!

Dad: You’re supposed to argue for or against an idea, not a person

11: I know that

Dad: So?

11: I would argue that more chocolate frogs is bad policy.

6: That’s rubbish, you’re an idiot

Dad: Thank you Opposition Leader. Let’s hear some policy details from the government then.

6: No let’s eat some chocolate

11: See? This idio-

Dad: Honourable Member

11: Would have us all eating chocolate frogs three meals a day!

6: Yessssss

11: But what about the health problems? Not to mention the environmental and financial impact of buying enough sustainable ethically sourced chocolate.

6: That’s rubbish, you’re an idiot

11: Or the protests from the Frog People

6: What?

11: They will say eating chocolate frogs is Not Okay

6: What? Chocolate frogs love getting eaten!


6: They’re always smiling


Dad: Wrap it up, Prime Minister

11: Ok. In closing, let me remind the leader of the opposition-

Dad: My god, you have been listening

11: That while the people of this country might think more chocolate is the solution to all our problems-

6: It is. Let’s eat.

11: and I would certainly agree that when you have a problem, eating a chocolate frog can help you feel better

6: Yes! We agree! The cupboard is that way


6: What?

Dad: I see where you’re going with this

11: Think about it. Remember Easter Belly?

6: Oh

11: There’s only one problem in the world that having a chocolate frog can’t help you with

6: Exploding Head?


Dad: Opposition Leader’s got you there

11: Ok, two problems. My point is, chocolate frogs can help us with *nearly* all our problems. Unless we have TOO MANY CHOCOLATE FROGS, then they cause a problem they can’t fix, because we’ll be like BLEARGHHH

6: Yuck.

11: Still want a yucky, sick-making chocolate frog?

6: I don’t know. I’m going to my room.

11: You think she’ll know?

6: She knows everything

Dad: Should I be worried that my 6 year old cuts pictures of Jacinda Ardern out of the newspaper?

11: Nah. Loads of 6 year olds have Star Wars pictures on their walls.

Dad: And ours has seven pictures of New Zealand’s prime minister. It’s not normal when you’re six.

11: It is if you think she’s Princess Leia.

Dad: Oh

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