A quick word about “It is what it is”…

I hear “it is what it is” a lot, especially in my therapy work. Is it acceptance? Or resignation?

In the flow of a conversation it’s often the bookend to a complaint, that ends the protest there. And not necessarily in a helpful way. I was mistreated; ah but it is what it is, end of story. Like the word “Anyway…” – move on, drop it.

People move on well when they have been heard and understood and responded to as worthwhile. That’s what keeps a struggling heart alive I think – but like Leunig I can see how that carefully honed ability can lose out to quicker acts that make mugs and morons of us.

Yes, all of us. This cartoon would suggest it’s us and them, readers vs the mugs and morons. I think that’s perilous: we’ve all got a mug in there. Knowing that so you don’t let the moron in you get its way, makes all the difference. That takes time and effort which seems in sadly short supply, but maybe as Leunig says, it’ll always be like that.

I have to disagree that ignorance wins. If that’s winning, well, sign me up as a proud loser.

But then, losing well in life is a rant for another day…

One thought on “A quick word about “It is what it is”…

  1. I find myself using this phrase recently only because other people have used it! But I don’t like it really and now I understand why … it actually blocks people from going further . Like you say it means suck it up and move on.
    Time to stop using this phrase.

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