Mainstreaming Climate Protest: It Needs To Be Normal, Because This Is Not Normal.


We will be going to the Global School Strike for Climate on Sep 20.

Because we want to be able to say to our kids: We were there. We took you, remember? We all went.

Because – and we are sorry it took us so long – we have come to the realisation that climate protest needs to become as bog-standard normal to people like us (who wouldn’t normally go to a protest) as getting on a train and going to the city.

It needs to be normal until those in power – political and corporate especially – act meaningfully to reduce the extent of our climate crisis.

We add ‘corporate’ because even if those politicians who are wilfully ideologically blind to our climate crisis (and public concern about it) ignore the footage of hundreds of thousands of people gathered globally, our corporate leaders might see opportunity for their shareholders, to sniff the wind changing and act sooner off their own bats.

That’s what capitalism does best, isn’t it? It’s not about to be dismantled as people like George Monbiot (who rightly suggests we fly less and eat more plants) call for, much though we wish our society wasn’t so damn competitive and status-obsessed.

So let’s lever some change through gathering as much of the corporate world’s customer base in public as we can.

Dangle that competitive edge carrot in front of them: Aren’t you a wonderful CEO? You saw a way to make profit for the planet AND your company! Maybe the denialist dinosaurs will listen to you; they seem to be determined not to listen to people like us.


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